Nowadays Problem

Mine battery always worn out around one year, or few months after installed ?

Why ?

  1. Processed & Shelved

    Processed & Shelved

    Batteries today are processed and shelved in advance to ease for sale.

  2. Replace Shelved Battery

    Replace Shelved Battery

    Getting shelved battery a.k.a. Day X battery from shelve and replace for yours vehicle.

  3. Malfunction & Hassle

    Malfunction & Hassle

    Never long lasting due to processed and shelved in advance.

Processed battery has a shelf life, and lifespan of battery turn out to be shorter as time goes on.

Don’t be surprise, most batteries today shelved up to 6 months before it reaches your hand.

See How we Care your Battery !
100% Freshness Guaranteed

Activated upon Order

Fundamental of durable is FRESH.

To deliver 100% freshness guarantee, we activate every single battery upon received order.
2 - 3x extra durable, extra powerful and long lasting than ever.

We care your durable far beyond anything you can imagine.

  1. New and Only New

    New and Only New

    All batteries in OOISAY are new and non-activated.

  2. Activated Upon Order

    Activated Upon Order

    Only activated the battery upon received order, completely deliver an extra durable, long lasting battery a.k.a. Day 1 battery.

  3. 100% Freshness Guaranteed

    100% Freshness Guaranteed

    Zero worry and get ready to ride for yours long lasting journey.

Say NO to shelved battery !

Spend smart, Ride smart, Only Fresh & Durable.

Why we Care your Durable ?