What is the Lifespan of the Battery

The lifespan of a battery will vary considerably with when it is activated, how it is used, how it is maintained and re-charged, temperature, and other factors.

In extreme cases, it can vary to extremes - we have seen automotive batteries killed in less than a year by severe overcharging. We have seen automotive batteries destroyed without ever being used in less than a year because they were left sitting in a hot garage without being charged.

There are so many variables, such as depth of discharge, maintenance, temperature, how often and how deep discharged, etc. that it is almost impossible to give a fixed number.

With the Activated upon Order services introduced by OOISAY, we assure batteries 2 - 3x extra durable, powerful and long lasting depending on the type of vehicle, its application, electrical load of the vehicle, weather and road conditions, driving requirements/patterns and the specifications of the batteries.