Volume Purchase for Corporate

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Most countries run on fleet services. From transportation companies such as semi-trucks, school bus, taxi, rental car and support companies such as delivery companies and postal companies to many local business that deliver and haul every day goods.


Construction The workhorses of the typical landscape! Loaders, dozers, graders, back hoes, and so many other specialized equipment is needed when homes, roads, facilities are being built. These large pieces of equipment burn through batteries due to their abusive nature and extreme power.



While large farming equipment has helped the typical farmer becomes more efficient and faster it has increased their maintenance cost significantly. Just as in the construction industry, equipment such as the Harvester, Picker, Tractor, Mowers and other type use many batteries to power these big machines.


Marine The marine industry is one of the biggest in the world. With water vessels ranging from the personal fun boats to super-sized cargo transporters. Most boats utilize multiple batteries.


Solar & Back Up

The Solar, Hospital, Telecommunications, Industrial all rely on the solar and back-up system batteries. Since these systems rely on a chain of batteries a residential home may have 20-30 solar back-up batteries and commercial facilities can have a 100 or more.