Warranty Policy

" A customer with a "bad" battery typically expects something to be done about it immediately. The customer may not understand that the battery may be "good" but simply discharged. "

  • Automotive battery is fully guaranteed against manufacturing and quality defect for a period of 6 months or 20,000km for Diesel vehicle, 12 months or 20,000km for Petrol vehicle from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.
  • No warranty on any automotive batteries for taxi, NGV, driving school, racing, rally, drifting, track day experience driving, or any other form of competition use.
  • Customer will be provided with the official warranty card by the manufacturer upon purchase. In case of a warranty claim, customer can choose to send the product directly to manufacturer or to OOISAY, at buyer's discretion.
  • Kindly inform to OOISAY before send back item or else the warranty request will not be process.
  • Customer are responsible for all goods sent until they arrive at our warehouse, and agree to assume the costs associated with returning your purchased item(s) to OOISAY.
  • All suspected faulty battery will be inspected by battery manufacturer upon receipt.
  • Standard warranty services response time by battery manufacturer is (5) weeks from the date we receive your return package.
  • During the warranty process, customers have to address the non-battery situation.
  • Manufacturer Replacement Result: Claimable
    • Two replacement option
      1. Cash replacement by prorated
        • Pro-ration is calculated from the date the battery was purchased.
        • Pro-rated cash replacement will refund to your OOISAY Account or bank account (within 1-14 working days).
        • Battery with 12 months warranty
          • Formula: (Cost of Battery Purchased / 365) * (365 - Days of Utilized)
        • Battery with 6 months warranty
          • Formula: (Cost of Battery Purchased / 183) * (183 - Days of Utilized)
      2. Battery replacement by prorated
        • Replacement battery warranty date is prorated (not re-set), follow the date the battery was purchased.
        • Replacement with brand new battery and ship back to customer at no charge.
        • Replacement battery will be same brand; same model from initial battery, exchange will not be accepted. If the battery no longer in stock it will be replaced by another battery model of equal value.
        • Formula: Date of Battery Purchased + Warranty Services Time Utilized by Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Replacement Result: Disclaimed
    • However, once verified and agreed by battery manufacturer that faulty are cause by non-manufacturing defects, OOISAY will not replace any new batteries.
    • Two disclaimed option
      1. Ship back
        • OOISAY will ship back the returned battery to customer, and customer agrees to assume the costs associated with returning the returned battery.
      2. Scrap it & refund
        • Scrap the returned battery with latest scrap price.
        • Refund to your OOISAY Account or bank account (within 1-14 working days).
  • Warranty will void in any of the following events
    • Failure of the motorist to show a receipt as proof of purchase
    • Battery damage caused by collision and natural disasters, such as floods, fire, etc
    • Battery positive or negative poles/posts melted due to improper installation
    • Battery positive or negative poles/posts was found melted and re-build
    • Purchase date located at battery surface has been altered
    • Battery additive had been added & detected
    • Breakage of battery container or cover
    • Improper handling the battery positive or negative poles/posts during installation
    • Damaged to the battery caused by contamination of the electrolyte
    • Malfunction of your vehicle charging and electrical system
    • Battery faulty due to customer abuse or negligence, battery will be detain and prepared to verify as evidence. In this case, battery will not be return by battery manufacturer
  • OOISAY reserves the right to have customer presented the vehicle when servicing is required.
  • If any of the above events are not happen, the compensation will base on final decision by battery manufacturer.

Customers are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all term & conditions at the time of purchased.

To achieve a win-win situation between customer and OOISAY, please strongly compliance to our rules and regulations.
Thank you for your support.

Last updated on 10 Mar 2017